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My mission is to aid in improving of the health of dogs and cats,our pets.
Cerebral trunk activated "PENDANTOIHU"

@ @- What is "IF" -
the pendant which activates the brainstem.

It is thought that naturefs healing energies are transmitted via the brain, and specifically the brainstem, to the rest of the animal body. gIFh attempts to improve this movement of healing energy by adjusting and correcting the brainstem to itfs ideal state, and it does this very subtly and safely through vibration resonance.
the pendant which activates the brainstem. "IF"

Water makes up 70% of the human and animal body. Weak vibrations are generated in this water (as well as in body organs). Disruptions and disturbances in these vibrations lead to abnormal states of health in the various parts of the body, more so in the case of the brainstem, where vibration abnormalities will negatively affect the entire body. gIFh etunesf the brainstem back to itfs correct vibration then activates it, via a vibration resonance phenomenon

Physiological and instinctive information moves in a pathway from the brainstem to the cervical spine, through the main sections of the spine, then on to act upon the whole body. When activated, the brainstem has correcting, therapeutic and healing effects on body posture: spinal deviations and imbalances are corrected, nervous impulses are transmitted normally and blood circulation improves.

The healing effect can better be expressed in the following way: instead of specifically targeting a symptom or problem, eIFf, through activation of the brainstem, enables the bodyfs own healing energy to be boosted and strengthened. As a result, any specific symptoms their underlying problems disappear. Brainstem activation in human beings and animals is therefore very important to overall health.

All disease, symptoms don't improve.

"Natural Healing Energy and the Brainstem"
Our autonomic nervous system supports our life systems without our conscious input. For animals, such as dogs and cats that have the same basic physiological set-up as humans, the situation is the same. They, too, do not consciously think and control these basic life systems ? and about the existence and use of the bodyfs natualnatural healing power ? even less so. So what is the secret of being healthy from the core of onefs being?

The answer is in the action of the brainstem. It is the activation level of the brain and the brainstem that decides the strength of the life force. The development of gIFh marks the first instance that a pendant that activates the brainstem has been developed in an orthodox western medical hospital environment, with the under the concept that a source of naturefs healing power lies in gthe brainstemh.

The Principles upon which the brainstem is activated by gIFh

The Tuning Fork Principle
If one tuning fork is struck, a nearby fork will also vibrate at the same frequency. This is due to the wave motion resonance phenomenon, which is when the same vibration is induced in an isolated object by resonance.

The Speaker Effect.

If one stands in front of a speaker at, say, a concert, will you not feel something, a pressure and a vibration within your body? The vibration thatfs felt is due to wave motion resonance and is there despite it not being visible.

Information from the Chip is transmitted by the same principles as TV and radio transmissions.
The manner by which gIFh transmits information to the brainstem is the same as for radio or TV. A wave at a particular frequency is broadcast from the broadcasting station. The radio or TV is able to receive a clear signal ? sound or picture, when itfs receiving frequency is exactly the same as the sending frequency. If the two sides are not in exact agreement, if there is a shift to either side of the ideal frequency, the sound or picture will be unclear as noise appears.

In animals, the appearance of dis-harmony and dis-ease demonstrates the existence of enoisef. The 'noise' in the out-of-whack brainstem gradually disappears and clarity returns as the brainstem 're-tunes' to the ideal vibration of gIFh.

The pendant, gIFh, through itfs action on the brainstem, has a very important correcting effect on the spine, and especially the cervical vertebrae, because of the proximity of the cervical spine to the brain stem.

The illustration of the head and cervical spine show that the cervical vertebrae are immediately behind the brain stem. The degree of activity of the brainstem has a big effect on the balance and alignment of the cervical vertebrae.

<Position of the cervical vertebrae>
Position of the cervical vertebrae

What happens with the cervical vertebrae and backbone at the time of activation of the brainstem
@ A B
To the cervical vertebrae by the activation of the cerebral trunk

Influence is ... from the cervical vertebrae to the whole backbone.
@ The purple area is the brainstem. The neck bones just below are cervical vertebrae. The vibration resonance phenomenon happens when the semiconductor chip "IF" is brought close to the brainstem. It gives rise to resonance phenomena.
A This shows the seven cervical vertebrae ( which make up the neck) with the brainstem situated at the top. B Next, just as in the domino effect, the re-aligning effect on one vertebra continues on to the next vertebra and so on until the whole backbone is realigned and adjusted correctly.

The dissonant vibrations in the brainstem of an unhealthy animal or person weaken as the brainstem synchronises to the effects of gIFh when the pendant is brought close. The vibrations of the brainstem finally return to ideal over time while the pendant, gIFh remains in proximity. When the brainstem is activated (by IF ), the seven bones of the cervical spine, which are close to the brainstem, become readjusted and realigned, and so in a domino-like effect, along the whole spine. One technique that brings about a multitude of positive results.

Before and After pictures showing the effects of brainstem activation with the pendant, gIFh. The following verifies the improvement in posture of a human being after brainstem activation with gIFh. This improvement was found to remain for the period of the observation (several years later). Wefve found that this posture improvement occurs several minutes after brainstem activation.

Before activation After activation
The cervical vertebrae
The cervical vertebrae anterior view

The thoracic vertebra

The Pelvis
@ @@

The outcome of brainstem activation is a correcting, adjusting effect upon the cervical vertebrae 1 and 2. These vertebrae are at the very top of the cervical spine, and adjustment to them affects the whole backbone with a domino-like effect leading to an easing of pressure on the spinal nerves with life energy being able to move to all parts of the body. Life and health return as a natural consequence.

The pendant-chip gIFh is easy to use : as it is carried as a pendant around the neck, it remains close to the brainstem. It keeps working wherever you go. A truly portable therapy!

Note ) The improvement in posture doesnft come from the placebo effect as the actual changes can be observed on an X-ray.

Here is another experiment that can easily be carried out to observe the balancing effects..
If you stand with what you think is even weight distribution on two scales, you will see that when your left and right sides carry equal weights the scales show the same values. If there is imbalance in your body's weight distribution, the scales will show different different values. Through the use of gIFh, left and right weight distribution is corrected and balance returns, with the scales proving it.


A wonderful letter was sent in by Chibo's human!
It presented the illustration of the appreciating !

The following is a part of an unsolicited letter sent to us.
The following is a part of an unsolicited letter sent to us from a Mrs Sadako Yoneyama.
The actual letter is on file, as is all correspondancecorrespondence sent to us, and can be read by e-mailing us.

Dog which suffers in the sickness (The dog)

b(^o^) d (^ person ^) U^^U L`. ..( ^o^) "HOTU"=3

"The Vet Will Surely Be Surprised c"
Mrs Sadako Yoneyama, Chibo's human.
Dear Mr Fujii,
I spoke to you on the phone about my dog, Chibo. He is an old dog and can't move as before. He fell sick and lost consciousness. I took him to the vet thinking that it was time to let Chibo go. But I couldn't bring myself to give him up. During his time at the vet I almost lost hope for his recovery.

I thought that I shouldn't have gotten a dog, with what I had to endure with losing it. At that time, Mr Fujii told me about gIFh and I attached the pendant to Chibo's collar. Chibo's condition was very bad but miraculouly, Nine days later he got up and started to eat food. Till that time he hadn't eaten anything. He gradually recovered and now he has reached his original weight. He looks like my gallant dog of old. My whole family is incredulous at his recovery. I am sure the vet will be very surprised when I take Chibo in next. Thank you very very much.

Dog which suffers in the sickness (The dog) @@@ Dog which was made vigorous from the disease (The dog)
The December 21th, 2001.
"I almost lost hope for his recovery"
January 3rd, 2002.
"He looks like my gallant dog of old."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Nowadays, gIFh is attracting the attention of magazines, and articles are being written about it. However, because gIFh is so different from the conventional health model, the concepts behind gIFh, the manner and the action of its healing effects, and its usage, may be cause for confusion among many people. I will now attempt to answer common questions about gIFh.

Q1 What symptoms is gIFh effective for?
Q2 On removal of gIFh does the wearerfs health return to his/her original condition?
Q3 Why should I bother activating the brainstem?
Q4 What are brainstem revitalisation and brainstem resonance?
Q5 Why is this semiconductor chip good for the brainstem?
Q6 How exactly do I use gIFh?
Q7 Does the therapeutic effect of the pendant diminish with distance?
Q8 How is it that both animals and humans can use gIFh?
Q9 Should I worry about a healing reaction in the early stages of using gIFh?
Q10 Isnft gIFh too strong for small animals?
Q11 How long after starting to use gIFh does the therapeutic effect begin to manifest?
Q12 Can I use gIFh with a hospitalised pet?
Q13 Can I use gIFh in cases of congenital illnesses?
Q14 Mightn't strengthening the immune system with gIFh be detrimental to certain types of medical treatment?
Q15 Are there any limitations to using gIFh?
Q16 What is the pendant made of? What is the lifetime of the material?
Q17 What kind of power drives the semiconductor?
Q18 Am I really able to return my purchase within 30 days of buying it?

The Inventor and Developer of gIFh,

Mr Hitoshi Kimura of the Mutsuu Treatment Academy.

Mr Hitoshi Kimura
of the pain-free treatment academy.

Mr Kimura's main book"The Healing Power of The Zero Vibration"
His second book "The Way to Health With The Zero Vibration"
Mr Kimura says:
gI used to practice acupuncture as an adjunct to my orthodox medical practice, and realised that even though I was able to give patients relief from their symptoms, many still died from other illnesses.h

gI noticed that there were limitations in symptomatic therapy, which only removes symptoms, such as pain, and doesnft get to the true causes which are at a level deeper than the symptomatic level. I started researching and pondering over what true health is. I also studied various healing modalities and techniques and came across the thought of B.J.Palmer, who developed chiropractic."

"Chiropractic is a truly revolutionary therapy that enables one to heal eincurablef diseases naturally by correcting the cervical spine via the correction of one or two distortions after which the spine rebalances spontaneously, in the manner of the domino effect."

"Chiropractic provides the evidence showing that the root of the animal life force is in the brainstem. This is a wonderful discovery that has many ramifications for the health field, but care must be taken that the untrained not haphazardly manipulate the spine. I have created a painless ebody workf therapy that acts on the same area as chiropractic but does not require manual skills and pressures."

"I also studied things that have the nature to remove disordered wave motion (vibrations) of the brainstem. I developed one and was able to seal it in a pendant shape and so developed the brainstem activating pendant gIFh. gIFh is simplicity itself, yet is almost miraculous in being able to achieve the activation of the brainstem safely through simply hanging it around the neck, irrespective of the age of the wearer"

gIFh@- the brainstem activating device.

Brain stem activated Pendant IF
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External Appearance External Appearance : A square-pillar shape
Size : 21 x 5 x 5 mm
Material : The pendant, the housing of the semiconductor chip, is made from acrylic resin to give it a hard durability.
Weight : an extremely light 1 gm
Colour : Colourless and Transparent. Under natural light it is pale purple.
The Semiconductor Chip 0.1mm thick and 1mm wide. Is set inside the pendant.
From whence comes the name gIFh? 'I' comes from Innate, and 'F' comes from Force. Put together , it stands for the innate force or power of nature.

Examples of using "IF": 1
Examples of using "IF": 2
gIFh can be put on a string and hung around the neck. gIFh can be attached to the collar.
Examples of using "IF": 3
gIFh can be hung on a cage or pet carrier, in proximity to the pet.
Especially with baby animals where a collar maybe uncomfortable.


@ A Gift of Natural Sea Salt, which naturally contains the same vibrational information as "IF"!

When you purchase gIFh we will give you a thank-you gift of a package of Natural Salt.
This is not ordinary salt. It is Deep Sea Salt which has the same frequency and vibration as gIFh,
and therefore, the same activation effects on the brainstem. A small amount can be dissolved in water to impart the healing frequencies to the water.
This salt is manufactured in a special process on the island of Izu Ooshima. It is not easy to obtain and only by special introduction were we able to get our supply.
Using gIFh together with drinking the salt-vibration-enhanced water would be an ideal health regimen due to the synergistic activation of the brain stem.
Our stock of this special salt is limited and once it is gone we will not be getting any more. This means that if on receiving your order, there is no accompanying package of salt, it is out of stock.


I have been surprised by the efficacy of gIFh on observing the great improvements in the physical condition of pets over the years. The possibility that my product can really make a difference is really coming home to me.

Readers might read the words evibration goodsf and feel leery about that concept. Yet realise that gIFh was developed by and is used by a professional orthodox medical practitioner with his patients; you might say it isnft the same as the majority of health devices out there.

On seeing the improvements made to the health of animals by the use of gIFh I think that the placebo effect can be ruled out, as animals are not susceptible to suggestion in the way humans are. I feel that gIFh is a truly revolutionary healing device.

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